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Sustainable Events & Practices

The journey to sustainability

There’s no quick fix when it comes to making events more sustainable. But there’s plenty that can be done.

We’re making practical, eco-friendly changes wherever we can

In our role as event suppliers, we know our carbon footprint is larger than most. It’s incredibility important to us that we limit this in the long term, both for ourselves and on the behalf of our clients.

Going beyond the idea of corporate responsibility, we all have a shared responsibility as people to make sustainability a priority wherever possible. We want our clients and partners to feel comfortable knowing they’re working with a supplier who’s making sustainable choices.

What we’re doing to reduce our carbon footprint

office food waste recycling icon green

Food waste collection
A food waste bin collects all compostable goods and coffee waste.

recycling in the office icon green

A mixed recycling bin allows us to recycle all milk bottles and packaging.

paperless office icon green

Going paperless
We’ve gone paperless at the office and on the road. The event baristas use mobile devices to access job sheets and other relevant documents.

Energy saving office lighting icon green

Office lighting
LED lighting has been installed to reduce our electricity use and increase efficiency.

cardboard recycling at events icon green

Cardboard skip
We use an onsite cardboard skip for all cardboard packaging.

Sustainable Events

The biggest challenge with sustainability on the road is fitting in with the practices of different venues. To counter this, we now bring many of our materials back with us to recycle on site.

recyclable bar panel material icon green

New bar panel material
We use a fully recyclable material for branded bar panels. The material retains the high print quality clients expect while limiting waste.

Seperate food waste icon green

Separate food waste bins
We take a second bin to events which allows us to separate the compostable items and food waste. This is disposed of back at the office.

recyclable coffee cups icon green

Compostable cups
We’ve used Vegware for a very long time and it means all of our cups (and stirrers etc.) are compostable.

recyclable smoothie cups icon green

Smoothie consumables
All smoothies and juices are served in Vegware products. Lids and straws are optional, which we’ve found reduces their use hugely.

UK sugar green icon

British sugar
We’ve switched to a UK sugar producer to reduce the carbon footprint of importing and to support the British sugar industry.

UK dairy green icon

Local dairy
Milk is delivered by our local milkman. It comes from the Yorkshire Dales (Grassington) and is in recyclable packaging. We reuse the bottles back at the office too.

Teaming up for more sustainable events

The Barista and ESSA

Making the events industry more sustainable is not something that can be achieved alone. It’s important to team up on initiatives wherever possible.

Cross-association meetings – We’re working closely with ESSA and taking part in their cross-association sustainability meetings. These meetings focus on the important issues around sustainability and how we can work together to help reduce the event industry’s impact on the environment.