Booking and organising your event

  • When will the coffee service be set up?

  • Can The Barista provide a bar unit for the service?

  • Can you provide coffee for my event/exhibition outside of the UK?

  • What branding options are available?

  • What are the lead times for branding options?

  • What file format should I send our logo/artwork in for the branding options?

  • How do I book?

  • What happens after I've booked?

Our service

  • How many coffees can an event barista make in a day?

  • Does The Barista only provide coffee?

  • What will the event barista be wearing?

  • What coffee do you use?

  • Can we choose the menu?

  • Are your coffee cups environmentally friendly?

  • Do you provide food or snacks?

Technical information

  • What power supply does the coffee service need?

  • Do we need any plumbing for the coffee bar?

  • What power supply does a juice or smoothie service need?

Health and safety information

  • Do you have insurance, risk assessments and PAT Test certificates?


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