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The power of personalised branding

Are you looking for a simple way to effortlessly raise awareness of your brand? At any event your business visits, increased brand awareness is the ultimate goal. With the personalised branding options we have available here at The Barista, you have the power to turn every coffee cup, cappuccino and even apron into something that effectively showcases your brand’s message. Whether it’s at a conference, exhibition or product launch, using the power of personalisation is the perfect way to really make your mark at your next event.

Today on the blog, we’re looking at all things personalised branding, and how you can use it to attract new visitors to your stand and get new leads. Read on to discover the power of personalisation.  

Creating a personalised branding strategy for events and exhibitions

Creating a personalised branding strategy for events and exhibitions simply means connecting with people through your branding. Branding is a great way to stand out; while a coffee cup might be humble, once it’s personalised with your business’s unique branding it can become a powerful tool for showcasing your brand.

Here are a few quick tips for creating a personalised branding strategy for events and exhibitions:

  • Always be consistent
    Although it can be tempting to try something new and exciting when creating branded products, now isn’t the time to step too far outside the box. Having a cohesive brand identity is far more important, so make sure your logo and brand colours are consistent and recognisable.

  • Know your audience
    Your brand should be consistent, but there are always little, subtle tweaks you can make to your designs to appeal to a specific audience. For example, adding tech-themed elements into your coffee cup designs is a great way to cater to the crowd at a technology conference.

  • Think eco-friendly
    Customers are paying more attention to the environment than ever, so going for eco-friendly and sustainable branded materials shows responsible business practices, aligns with current trends and sends a positive message. (See more in our blog: Stand out with sustainable event giveaways)  

  • Go digital
    Using QR codes in your personalised branding strategy helps your message go even further. Put QR codes on coffee cups, bar units or any promotional materials to connect with your guests digitally. This is a really simple and effective way to gain valuable customer data.

Attracting visitors to your event booth with personalised branding

At any event, you should look at your stand or booth as your stage – and make sure it stands out. Personalised branding can help make your space feel more immersive and unique. A branded bar unit or backdrop both helps showcase your offering to anyone walking by and also creates an inviting and warm atmosphere.

Why not go the extra mile by offering branded freebies? An incredible 52% of guests at an exhibition are more likely to visit a stand if they’re offering a giveaway or freebie, making it a no-brainer. From tasty branded cupcakes to stylish branded cups, when you work with us we can help ensure your brand remains in your guests’ minds long after the event has finished.

Building relationships with potential customers through personalised branding

Personalised branding is the perfect tool for connecting with people. A branded coffee cup is always going to be more memorable than a plain one – it creates a unique personal connection. When people associate your brand with a personalised experience, they’re more likely to associate you with quality. In turn, this makes them more likely to remember your business when making a buying decision. Here’s more about why personalised branding can help build relationships with potential customers:

  • It creates a lasting impression
  • It shows a commitment to quality, boosting brand perception
  • It helps your brand be more easily recognisable and memorable
  • It shows consistency which can help build trust
  • It helps you connect with customers by encouraging interaction through social media handles and QR codes

Generating leads with personalised branding

We’ve established that personalised branding is great for brand perception and impressions, but what about conversions? Can you use personalised branding to generate leads? The answer is yes! There are a few simple things you can do with personalised branding to help encourage customers to convert. Consider…

  • Call to action: Use a strong CTA on your branding to encourage customers to stay in touch. You could include QR codes, social media handles, a website address or a link to sign up to a newsletter.

  • Promotions: Treat your guests to an exclusive discount on your products or services through your personalised branding. This could be something as simple as a unique discount code on a branded cup.

  • Interactive surveys: Why not engage customers with personalised surveys? It’s a great way to get valuable insights about your customer’s preferences while showing you care about their input.

  • Giveaways or competitions: Giveaways and competitions are always popular, and they’re a great way to gather customer data and generate future leads. Again, the easiest way to do this through personalised branding is a QR code on a cup.

How to measure the success of your personalised branding campaign at events

Personalised branding is an investment into your business, so it makes sense to want to measure its success. The simplest way to measure the success of your personalised branding campaign at events is to gauge the audience interaction on the day at your stand or event space. Consider how long people are sticking around for and engaging in any interactive, branded elements, such as taking a branded drink or cake. Then after the event, you can compare the number of enquiries received to benchmarks from previous years to see the different personalised branding can make.

Here’s what else you can do:

  • Monitor social media metrics such as likes, mentions and shares and track any boosts
  • Use branded hashtags at the event to further streamline your monitoring
  • Use feedback surveys to get direct feedback about your personalised branding
  • Track any direct engagement like new follows or newsletter sign ups
  • See if the event has metrics available, like stand traffic or engagement scores
  • Consider long-term impact by checking ongoing engagement

Ultimately, personalised branding is a fast and easy way to get your brand seen, make the most of social media exposure and generate fresh new leads. We can put your logo on everything from coffee cups, stand and aprons to cappuccino stencils and cupcakes. Why not try it at your next event and discover the power of personalised branding for yourself?

If you’re ready to make a lasting impression at your next event with the help of our professional barista service and branded extras, let’s chat. Get in touch today to find out more.