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Stand out with sustainable event giveaways

In an increasingly environmentally conscious world, it’s no surprise that sustainable event giveaways are growing in popularity. Event giveaways are a great idea for boosting your brand awareness – everyone loves a freebie after all. But eco-friendly event giveaways go one step further, letting your customers know you’re a brand focused on doing good and having a positive impact.

What are sustainable event giveaways?

Sustainable event giveaways are promotional items or gifts given out to attendees at conferences, exhibitions, product launches and other events that are eco-friendly, have been sourced ethically, or otherwise have a minimal impact on the environment.

As people become more aware of eco-friendly practices, things like cheap plastic toys, pens and trinkets as event giveaways are quickly becoming a thing of the past. Often made with low-quality materials, items like this not only add to plastic pollution but can also negatively impact your brand perception by being low quality and not providing your guests with any value.

The benefits of sustainable event giveaways

  • Positive brand image. Sustainable, eco-friendly event giveaways highlight your commitment to being environmentally responsible.

  • Making an impact. Sustainable event giveaways support eco-friendly practices, contribute to a greener future, and actively reduce plastic pollution.

  • Increased engagement. Stats show that 52% of guests at an exhibition are more likely to visit a stand if they’re offering a giveaway or freebie. (Read more on our blog, ‘The value of exhibitions: the top statistics’.)

  • Standing out from the competition. An eco-friendly event giveaway is the perfect way to set yourself apart from neighbouring brands. Everyone will remember the stand that gave them something of value, be it a free drink or a memorable gift.

  • Enhance customer loyalty. A sustainable event giveaway offers your guests something meaningful and valuable, helping them foster an emotional connection with your brand.

How we help with sustainable event giveaways

Captivate attendees’ senses with coffee

Coffee has a universal appeal, making it a highly popular and engaging option for an event giveaway. Few people can resist the aroma of freshly brewed espresso; it’s the perfect way to captivate your attendees’ senses and draw them towards your stand, creating an inviting atmosphere that encourages networking and ultimately conversions.

With our commitment to sustainability, we are a great choice if you’re looking for eco-friendly coffee at events as a giveaway. Our friendly baristas can whip up a range of coffee-based drinks, from americanos to lattes – and of course, good old-fashioned cups of tea for the non-coffee drinkers. We’re an ESSA-accredited sustainable events supplier and work alongside partners and suppliers to make practical, eco-friendly changes wherever we can, including:

  • Using recyclable cups and reusable material for bar panels
  • Recycling all milk bottles, packaging and cardboard
  • Supporting our local community with voluntary tree planting
  • Installing LED office lighting to reduce our electricity usage 
  • Donating unused branded cups to local charity St George’s Crypt
  • Ensuring suppliers match our sustainability ethos
  • Using a UK sugar supplier and local milk to reduce our carbon footprint

Tap into a health-conscious market with juices and smoothies

Do you fancy offering refreshments that are a little different from coffee and tea? Perhaps you’re attending a summer event outdoors and want to give your guests the opportunity to revitalise themselves with a zingy beverage that taps into a health-focused lifestyle. A juice or smoothie bar could be the way forward.

Juices and smoothies are not only refreshing and delicious, but they’re also packed with healthy vitamins and nutrients that will help keep attendees engaged throughout the event. Opt for recyclable branded cups for your blends to tap into those all-important photo opportunities for social media, all while showcasing the fact that you’re a brand that cares.

Find out more in our blog post, ‘How fresh juices can transform your event’.  

Offer a warm welcome with tasty treats

Snacks are an ideal eco-friendly event giveaway, particularly when sourced from a company with a sustainable ethos. Sweet treats like brownies and cupcakes have universal appeal. They offer a tasty treat for your guests, encouraging them to take a breather during a busy day and guaranteeing footfall around your stand. They also often arrive in minimal packaging, reducing the amount of waste generated at the event.

Consumables are a great alternative to trinkets that are designed to be taken away from the event. By choosing edible treats for your event giveaway instead of gifts that are likely to end up collecting dust, you’re helping discourage unnecessary waste that may harm the environment in future.

When you work with The Barista, we offer a tempting range of optional extras to choose from, including artisan brownies, seasonal specialities, branded cupcakes and more. Head to our extras page to find out more.

Eco-friendly event giveaways and experiences: more creative ideas

As we navigate the world of sustainable event giveaways, it’s becoming increasingly evident that choosing the right options can be quite challenging. Often even seemingly eco-friendly choices may not actually be the best choice for the environment – after all, a reusable cup or tote bag is only impactful if used regularly, which is often not the case with items given out during an event giveaway.

If you’re looking to step up your eco-friendly event giveaway game, we think that a lot of the time, consumables and experiences are the way forward. If you’re after some inspiration, check out these additional ideas for free gifts and experiences that will help you create a lasting impression while also being kind to the environment.

Plantable gifts
Why not encourage green initiatives by giving away seeds or plant kits at your next event? Seeds are a great low-cost option that can easily be put in branded packets. Once planted, they’ll bloom into vibrant flowers or aromatic herbs, adding a touch of natural beauty while also contributing to rewilding efforts.

On-stand massages
Exhibitions and conferences are often long, tiring days with little to no time for relaxation. Amidst the hustle and bustle of a busy event, a moment of respite is a very welcome treat – and what better way to rejuvenate guests than with a relaxing massage? A massage goes beyond a traditional event giveaway, offering an experience that will be genuinely valued and doesn’t contribute to material waste – win, win!

Local artisan-crafted gifts
Gifting handmade, sustainable crafts from local artists is a great way to champion a number of great causes – helping out the local economy, small businesses and the environment. There’s a host of creative options to choose from that will actually offer value to your guests, from recycled paper notebooks and bookmarks to wooden coasters or eco-friendly art prints or postcards.

Grab-and-go refreshments

Often the simplest ideas work the best, and adding a hydration point to your stand is a perfect example of this. Having a simple water cooler at your stand is a perfect way to draw in guests and create a welcoming ambience that will encourage people to hang around and chat. If you really want to impress, why not go one step further with branded juice bottles for guests to grab? Adorned with your company’s logo and message, they not only offer a refreshing treat but also serve as a walking advertisement as your guests carry them throughout the event.

On-stand games
Offer your guests the opportunity to switch off for a few minutes with engaging on-stand games. Interactive games not only captivate visitors but also provide an eco-friendly alternative to physical gifts. Ideas for on-stand games include VR games like bowling, traditional video games, high-speed reaction games and table football. We’ve even seen stands offer Scalextric racing tracks – the perfect way to encourage guests to let loose and embrace their inner child!

We hope this article helped spark some inspiration for sustainable event giveaways. At The Barista, our mobile coffee bars and juice and smoothie stations are designed to help you get engagement at your events, all underpinned by our sustainable approach.

Are you ready to stand out from the crowd? Reach out today to find out how we can help you instantly add value to your next stand or event.