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    SmartServe - The Event Lead Capture & Survey Tool

    The digital ordering platform that captures visitors’ data

    SmartServe is the event lead capture tool that starts with a free coffee. It enhances your visitors’ experience and provides your team with a way to ask questions and gather GDPR-compliant data.

    It happens in 3 easy steps:

    1) The visitor inputs their order and data via tablet

    2) The coffee order is automatically sent to the barista

    3) A branded display screen announces when the drink is ready

    Focus your time on high-value prospects

    SmartServe provides a polite way to reduce the number of people coming for a free coffee who may have no relevance to you. It allows you to gather data and opinions from visitors within your target market – even those who may not have time for a proper chat.

    Choose from the full range of functionality options and design your own branded interface:

    Capture data

    ts-awesome-check-circleGather the exact data you need
    ts-awesome-check-circleIncentivise the sharing of data
    ts-awesome-check-circleCreate a customised alternative to badge scanners

    Generate leads

    ts-awesome-check-circleBuild a list of opted-in leads
    ts-awesome-check-circleAsk questions to understand your prospects
    ts-awesome-check-circleQualify prospects interested in your products or services

    Survey visitors

    ts-awesome-check-circleCollect quantifiable data from your audience
    ts-awesome-check-circleGet to know your customers better
    ts-awesome-check-circleProduce research and thought leadership
    The future of event hospitality
    Learn about your audience with every interaction

    SmartServe is a way of tapping into experiential marketing at your event to learn about your customers and prospects. Your visitors receive the coffee of their choice and, in return, you gather insights and actionable data.


    Measuring the reach of your brand

    The ability to keep a record of your visitors and ask them specific questions at the point of order is what sets SmartServe apart from other tools. The service enables you to build a picture of your target audience, their needs and how they relate to your brand.

    Improving on-stand experience

    When visitors are new to you:
    ts-awesome-check-circleShare messages on screen
    ts-awesome-check-circleShowcase your branding
    ts-awesome-check-circleCapture lots of data fast
    When you already know your guests:
    ts-awesome-check-circleServe people quickly
    ts-awesome-check-circleOrder remotely to meeting rooms
    ts-awesome-check-circleProvide a VIP service
    The Barista’s level of professionalism and service was excellent and the quality of drinks was exceptional. Having them on stand resulted in more prospective customers talking to us. This of course adds value in meeting new customers - thanks to a cup of coffee!
    Hollie Shenton, Inenco