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    The mobile barista diaries: Edition 2

    The mobile barista diaries: Edition 2


    2018 was another bumper year at The Barista.

    And our mobile coffee stands have created a buzz at events all over Europe.

    Each new exhibition, conference, event or launch enables us to become more streamlined. Our team of permanent mobile event baristas has increased in size as we’ve taken on more challenges. It’s been fantastic to watch our team grow and we now have 11 full-time employees.

    To tell you about some of the past year’s highlights, as well as show you the scalability of our coffee service, we’ve pulled together some statistics. Take a look at the graphic below and enjoy our second edition of ‘The mobile coffee diaries.’ Did you miss the first? You can take a look at November’s highlights here.

    The mobile barista diaries: Edition 2