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    Espresso Martini Recipe in 8 Simple Steps

    Espresso Martini Recipe in 8 Simple Steps


    The Espresso Martini offers a rich coffee taste balanced well with the sweetness of Patron XO and the sugared rim of the glass. Served in a Martini glass, this cocktail looks first-class and is perfect for special occasions or when you’re hoping to impress your guests. The original version of this drink, back in the 90’s, was served in a tumbler glass over ice. I think this presentation of the fabulous cocktails does it far more justice. 

    What you will need:

    • 50ml Patron XO or 30ml Vodka & 20ml Kahlua
    • 35ml Espresso
    • 15ml sugar syrup (gomme)
    • 1x lime segment
    • Martini (cocktail) glass
    • 3x coffee beans
    • Brown sugar

    How to build the Espresso Martini in 8 easy steps:

    1. Chill the glass in the fridge or with ice and water. The reason for this is that this cocktail is not served with ice and so we want to keep it as cold as possible;

    2. Prepare the espresso in an espresso cup and leave to stand;

    3. Collect your empty glass. Moisten the outside rim of the glass using your lime segment;

    4. Once this is done, sprinkle brown sugar around the outside rim of the glass. This should stick and create a sweet rim to the glass

    5. Measure out all alcohol and sugar syrup into a mixing glass. Add in espresso and top the mixing glass with cubed ice

    6. Shake well. The best indicator as to when you have shaken enough is when a thick layer of condensation has formed on the Boston tin

    7. Taste. It’s really important for a barman to taste their drinks, just in case they have made a mistake and missed something out or because it is too sweet/ sour etc. If you think the cocktail should be a little sweeter, add a little more sugar syrup and shake again

    8. Using a strainer over the tin, slowly pour into the glass. Stop just below the sugar line.

    Add 3 coffee beans to the top of the cocktail and serve.

    Espresso Martini Recipe in 8 Simple Steps
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