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We have a long-standing relationship with Red Hat and this event in particular – this was our 5th time working together at MWC. Alongside our standard barista services, the customer needed help with serving breakfast pastries and cold drinks on-stand.

Red Hat also decided to take advantage of our additional branding options, with branded aprons for our baristas as well as a branded cappuccino stencil. Branded aprons ensure our baristas look the part and help the customer maintain a cohesive brand identity. Additionally, branded cappuccino stencils allow us to add Red Hat’s logo to the top of freshly prepared drinks, which leaves a lasting impression that looks great on social media.



There are logistical elements to keep in mind for any event that takes place overseas, including getting our equipment to the venue in Barcelona, Spain. On this occasion we were able to ship our kit straight to the exhibition stand.

MWC is a trade show with very long service hours, with our baristas serving from 8am until 7pm, so it can be a tiring event. Having two baristas on stand together helps alleviate this challenge. It means leaving the stand for restocking isn’t an issue, and also means the two baristas can keep each other company, helping to keep energy levels up.

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Red Hat Inc

“No Red Hat stand is complete without The Barista!”


drinks served


of coffee

61 litres

of milk


MWC was a great success, with 961 drinks and 12.5kg of coffee served over the course of four days. Red Hat was delighted with our services and rebooked for the following year – our 6th time working together.  

We thoroughly enjoyed helping Red Hat at MWC Barcelona. It’s always a fantastic event to be part of with a friendly client who we’ve built a positive ongoing relationship with. MWC’s size makes it feel almost like its own world, and we’re always excited to have the opportunity to have a sneak peek at future product launches in areas like VR and AI. Of course, Barcelona having a good supply of sangria and excellent food is always a bonus too! 


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