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Why you should consider hiring an office barista

At The Barista, we specialise in providing professional barista services for events up and down the country, from conferences to exhibitions. Today we wanted to chat about coffee for the office and the many fantastic benefits of hiring an office barista for your next workplace event.  

Whether you’re running an open day, workshop, all-day meeting or celebration, hiring an office barista to serve coffee can prove completely invaluable. Here’s why. 

The benefits of hiring an office barista  

coffee art from office barista

It creates a buzz 

If you want your office event to stand out, hiring an office barista is the perfect way to do something a little special and create a buzz amongst your employees. The addition of branded coffee cups or cappuccino stencils is a great way to celebrate your company culture and impress visitors, too.  

It makes your employees feel valued 

Providing coffee in the workplace is always a great perk; it allows your staff to take a deserved breather and recharge throughout a long day, so it’s perfect for full-day meetings or events. Going the extra mile and hiring a skilled barista to serve up freshly made, delicious coffee makes your employees feel genuinely valued and beats a vat of poor-quality coffee any day!  

coffee in the workplace

It improves productivity  

Caffeine is a great way for employees to stay focused, giving them a boost of energy that they can channel into their work outputs. Long days in the office can be draining and a midday slump is something many people experience. A good cup of coffee prevents drowsiness and helps your staff stay alert and on the ball.  

It helps break down social barriers  

The addition of a barista at an office event can help nurture better communication and sociability between staff. Encouraging your employees to take a couple of minutes to catch up over a cup of coffee can help to build better relationships between teams, fostering a better sense of community and friendliness in the office.  

It guarantees quality  

Your employees deserve the best, and when it comes to coffee, that’s not going to be found in a jar of instant coffee or a do-it-yourself barista coffee machine. We freshly roast our coffee for each event, guaranteeing the best possible taste. Go for an office barista for your next full-day event and not only will your staff feel valued, but any visitors will leave with a fantastic first impression.     

It offers exciting options 

Often, coffee for meetings is a one-size-fits-all vat of filter coffee. When you hire an office barista, you can offer your employees their favourite drink. Our talented baristas can effortlessly knock up a wide range of coffee-based drinks, from americanos to lattes. If your staff aren’t all coffee lovers, we’ve got that covered too with teas and hot chocolates, all made fresh to order. We’ve even got smoothies and juices, perfect for the summer months.  

It helps the day run smoothly 

We pride ourselves on making our customers’ lives easier. We’ll take care of everything, from setting up to service, so you can relax and focus on more important things. Getting an experienced barista on board means there’ll be no winding queues for the coffee machine; they’ll take even the busiest of events in their stride to ensure your day runs without a hitch.  


At The Barista, we offer full-day office barista hire that promises to make your next workplace event unforgettable. Whether you’ve got a big meeting and want to impress clients, or you’re having a celebration and want your employees to feel valued, our mobile coffee bars will help you create the buzz you’re looking for. 

If you’d like to chat about hiring an office barista, look no further. Get in touch to find out more or to get the ball rolling.   


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