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Serving coffee during Covid – what’s possible for events?

Serving coffee during Covid – what’s possible for mobile coffee at events?

The way we interact has been drastically altered and we don’t know how long for. When events are possible again, coffee is going to be one of the everyday pleasures we can share together – with a safe distance in between.

Safely serving coffee during Covid

The hospitality industry has been forced to constantly adapt to changing circumstances and regulations during the pandemic. Keeping clean and sanitary has always been important within food and drink service. But there has been an increased focus on this along with serving fewer customers.

For coffee service, the risk is reduced by regular sanitising and baristas wearing PPE. The main problem presented by a busy coffee service is managing the flow of customers.

Coffee service and social distancing

To take mobile coffee bars to events in the wake of the pandemic we’ve created SafeServe. SafeServe is a digital ordering platform designed for social distancing at events.

There’s no contact with the barista and visitors order their coffee remotely via their own phone.  With the system filtering people through, the structured ordering process makes it easy for people to follow a oneway system. It comes as standard for every mobile coffee bar we provide. 

SafeServe – the future of coffee service

In the coming months, we shouldn’t have to choose between safe environments and being friendly and hospitable. We believe that SafeServe makes it possible to provide a warm welcome at events, while keeping a safe distance.


The process works like this:

1. Order the drink – the customer follows the instructions and scans the QR code on their smart phone for contactless ordering.

2. Make it custom – they customise their drink (milk, sugar etc.) using the simple interface and enter their name.

3. Collect the drink – the customer’s name appears on screen when their drink is ready, and they get it from the collection point.

Contactless and manageable

Switching to contactless ordering and drink collection helps everyone keep their distance. Having clearly marked points for ordering, waiting, and collecting, prevents people from standing together and everyone moves through the system one-by-one.

Safely serving coffee in the future

We don’t know when we’ll be able to serve coffee to people at events again. But, when it’s finally possible, we’re pleased we can provide a solution to increase the safety of in-person events.

Talk to us about serving coffee at events for next year by emailing hello@thebarista.co.uk or calling 0845 257 5900.


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