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Fuelling the UK’s passion for coffee

In a nation where the humble cup of tea has long reigned supreme, our growing love of coffee can’t be ignored. Beyond just being a tasty pick-me-up, coffee has now become a cornerstone of daily life in the UK that’s intertwined into our everyday routines – everywhere from cafes to conferences.

To highlight this growing trend, today we’re delving into some fascinating facts that showcase the UK’s passion for coffee, as well as looking at how our mobile barista services ensure the nation’s coffee cravings are satisfied during events.  

How much coffee is consumed daily in the UK? A statistical overview

Research from the British Coffee Association paints a remarkable picture of the UK’s coffee-drinking habits. The stats tell us that as a nation, we drink around 98 million cups of coffee per day – that’s between one and two cups each on average. But that’s not all. Here are some more fascinating facts we’ve uncovered about coffee consumption in the UK and beyond…

  • We love milky coffees! According to a poll of 2,000 coffee drinkers, a cappuccino is the UK’s favourite coffee, followed by a latte and a flat white. (Comunicaffe)
  • Over 210,000 jobs have been created by the coffee industry in the UK, from retail jobs to the mobile baristas that make up our team. (British Coffee Association)

  • An enormous 80% of people who visit coffee shops go at least once a week, with 16% visiting a coffee shop daily. (Nescafe)

  • Worldwide, coffee is second only to water as our beverage of choice – with around 400 billion cups consumed yearly. (Nescafe)

  • In Britain, we consume 2.8 kilograms of coffee per person, per year. (Roast and Post)  

  • 80% of households in the UK buy instant coffee to drink at home. However, most of this demographic is aged 65+, with coffee pods more popular with millennials. This suggests a gradual shift away from the ease of instant towards options with more variety. (Nescafe)

  • We’re big fans of coffee to go in the UK. A cup of take-out coffee is sold once every 11 seconds, and five times more cups of takeaway coffee are sold than takeaway tea. (The Argus)

Coffee as a catalyst for socialising and networking

It’s clear when looking at the stats that coffee has a special place in our hearts here in the UK. There’s nothing quite like sharing a cuppa with others; it cultivates a sense of camaraderie that can help spark conversation and forge connections. Given its ability to nurture meaningful conversation, the presence of coffee at social gatherings and professional events alike isn’t just a coincidence – it’s a strategic choice.

In corporate settings, coffee has a powerful role, helping facilitate networking that can ultimately turn into leads for your business. Important decisions are often made over a cup of coffee, and at an event, that could easily be a conversion. An offer of a cup of coffee serves as a thoughtful gesture of hospitality that paves the way for open dialogue, and that’s where our services come in.

Elevating events with coffee

Exhibitions, conferences, product launches and office events alike can be easily elevated by the presence of a skilled barista and an eye-catching coffee bar. Our barista service not only caters to attendees’ thirsts and offers them the chance to take a quick break amidst the hustle and bustle of the event, but also creates a place where connections can flourish.

A simple cup of coffee can help foster a positive association with your brand in your guests’ minds, opening them up to the new ideas, products or services that you have on offer. So, it makes sense to offer them the best. At The Barista, we’re about more than just great coffee. We tap into the UK’s love of coffee by giving both you and your guests the best end-to-end service possible. We offer:

  • High-quality coffee that we roast, blend, test and refine ourselves.
  • Professional baristas with character, flair and extensive experience.
  • Branding options that put your brand centre stage.
  • Delicious optional extras like artisan brownies and tasty biscuits.
  • Smoothie and juice bars for a refreshing first impression.

If you’re looking for the best way to generate new business leads or conversations at your next event, it’s clear that a cup of coffee has the power to do exactly that. Why not get in touch to find out how we can help you stand out and make a great first impression?