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In business, what seems like a casual conversation can often become so much more. We’ve all experienced it; a chance meeting, bumping into the right person at the right time, often helped along by that ever important fuel for the fire – the coffee.

The chances are some of the most important conversations we’ve ever had, or will have, will be over a mug of the good stuff. That can’t be a coincidence, can it?

Society has become accustomed to enjoying a coffee, more often than not with another person. It’s become a social activity, and this association can work to your advantage when looking to attract people to your stand, but more importantly in starting the conversation!

Having served coffee at busy exhibitions and tradeshows all across Europe, we know just how much of an impact it has on increasing footfall. It’s unassailable.  Whether it’s the wonderful aroma, the much-needed caffeine injection or simply the promise of a good cup of coffee – it works.

Would you be more receptive to being grabbed by the arm and given the hard sell, or being offered speciality coffee by someone genuinely interested in engaging with you? It really is a no brainer.

At The Barista we are great believers in the importance of conversation. We know that once you get someone to your stand they are much more likely to stay for a while if they feel comfortable and engaged, and that’s where we come in.

Starting with an ice breaking cup of coffee, we interact with visitors to your stand, encouraging them to stick around that little bit longer whilst talking to them about your business, service or product. Sounds good, doesn’t it?

The way this process works is twofold. Firstly, your visitors remember you. Whether that’s because the coffee was delicious or because we had a really great conversation with them, they simply remember you. They also stuck around long enough to learn exactly what it is you do and how they can benefit from it. Jackpot!

Secondly, they now associate you with a good experience they had at the conference or exhibition. So whether they then go and tell their friends that they too need to go visit your stand, or rave about your amazing new product, the chances are they will spread the word – and what is better than that?

If you have an exhibition, tradeshow or product launch coming up why not talk to us? Drop us an email at info@thebarista.co.uk or fill in our contact form and we’ll start the conversation for you.


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