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Brewing success: 2023 in review

It’s always satisfying to look back over the highlights of the year, and 2023 has been our best one yet. The numbers speak for themselves. This year, we’ve visited a huge 199 events, with 347 individual bookings across 71 venues. That all adds up to an incredible 135,984 coffees served – not to mention 14,901 smoothies!

As we start to wind down for the festive period, we wanted to look back over 2023 to find out what made it so special – as well as give a little sneak peek into what we have coming up in 2024. Read on to hear more from Elsie, our Marketing and Operations Project Manager, about the highlights of one of our most exciting years so far.

What have the highlights of 2023 been for The Barista?

Launching our new website and brand uplift earlier this year has been amazing – everyone in the team feels that the brand really reflects where we are as a business now. Other than that, the year on the whole has been a record year for us, with June in particular standing out as a record month. We’ve seen some significant growth in our events while never compromising on quality. We’ve still managed to maintain our 5-star review rating on reviews.io which we’re all really proud of.

What’s been the most memorable event you’ve visited?

We worked with a big, high-end car brand in August this year. We had seven simultaneous bars at their car showrooms with two baristas each. It was huge for us and it’s always memorable working with such prestigious names. Another stand-out period was June, when we did four back-to-back European events. We visited Milan, Hamburg, Milan again and finally Vienna. Being able to take our services across Europe and see more of the world is hugely rewarding!

Can you tell us more about The Barista’s sustainability goals and how you worked towards these in 2023?

We are hoping to implement the option for clients to offset the carbon emissions from their coffee or smoothie bar in the early stages of 2024. It’s another great step in our journey towards becoming a leading sustainable events provider. Watch this space!

What are you most proud of achieving in 2023?

Right now, the team is the biggest we have ever had, with fifteen staff. It’s great that we’ve still maintained the strong bond and closeness we’ve always had, even as the team has grown. We’re all really proud of the culture we’ve built at The Barista. We also introduced branded juice bottles as part of our standard add-ons this year. This has been an amazing way for us to help our customers reach even more people with a healthy and refreshing alternative to hot drinks.

The Barista is very team-driven – are there any specific achievements or recognitions for any team members in 2023 you’d like to highlight?

As a whole, the team this year has been the biggest and strongest we’ve ever had. We’ve had some impressive anniversaries this year; 10 years for Hamish, 6 years for Jamie and Julie, and finally 5 years for me! It’s such a testament to the team culture at The Barista that people choose to stay with us for such a long time.

What should we expect from The Barista in 2024?

We have so much to look forward to next year. First, we’re expanding! We have a new unit right next to our existing space which will become the new home to our roastery. This will allow for a lot more space in our warehouse to pack for more events and open the door to some very exciting changes – the most exciting of which involves a new launch. We’re adding a dedicated juice kitchen where we’ll make fresh, bottled juices ready to deliver to customer’s events or offices, complete with their unique branding. It’s all happening in 2024, so again, watch this space!

What industry changes do you see shaping the way you work in 2024?

Sustainability is becoming an increasingly important focus for the events industry. We’ve been working over the past few years on our sustainability journey and this will definitely continue next year. We’ve also noticed that the dust seems to have settled somewhat post-Brexit, so we’re really excited to be working a lot more in the EU again throughout 2024.  

What’s the plan for the team’s Christmas celebrations?

It’s all kicking off with Secret Santa, followed by laser quest, shuffleboard, tapas and karaoke. We’re all really looking forward to relaxing and spending time together as a team before gearing up for an even more exciting 2024!

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