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Who We Are

We're through-and-through coffee enthusiasts

We’re a friendly team of highly-trained baristas who love coffee. We love making it. We love drinking it. And we particularly love serving it to your guests and attendees, no matter what the occasion.

We provide an extensive range of coffee-related services, which include complete mobile espresso bars and coffee machine hire. But that’s not all, we’re also on hand to serve up the freshest juice and smoothies plus delicious additions to your menu, such as artisan bakery treats. Learn more about our range of Extras.

Meet the team

Sam Fletcher

sam fletcher the barista

Matthew Carr

matthew carr the barista

Philip Broadbent

philip broadbent the barista

Juliane Pagel


Hannah Harrison

Hannah The Barista

Emily Welford

Emily The Barista

Reece Kennedy

Reece The Barista

Jamie Inglis


Charity Walsh

Charity The Barista
The Barista have proven to be a reliable and professional service partner at some of the most critical customer touch-points we have had. The Barista matched the level of professionalism that we wanted our image to exude. Their high level of expertise, wide range of services and unwavering professionalism means I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to others.
Julia Lovett, Corbion.