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    Helping your client stand out from the crowd

    Helping your client stand out from the crowd

    Serving coffee to an exhibition guest

    So you’ve been tasked with organising an event for your client. You’ve got the design sorted, the stand is looking good and you’re ready to go! But are you?

    If your client has a big event, product launch or exhibition coming up the chances are they’ve spent a lot of money getting it just right. Now what happens if they just don’t get enough footfall?

    We can help.

    You know as much as we do that conversation always flows better over a hot drink. Now translate that into a business scenario and visiting a stand. Wouldn’t you feel more receptive if the person you were speaking to on the stand was not only an excellent barista serving you your favourite coffee, but an active and knowledgeable part of the team too?

    The Barista does just that. We work closely with you and your client to create an on-stand brand experience that will really get people talking.

    As part of our process we take the time to learn about their business, its products and services and more importantly, its objectives. Then we adapt our service in ways which represent your client perfectly – adding real value to their exhibition stand!

    Sound good? We think so too!

    We are very proud of what we do. We are professional baristas, with the experience to impress and the charisma and flair to make sure your client stand out from the crowd.

    If your client has an event coming up, talk to us and let’s get everyone else talking about them! Drop us an email at and we’ll be in touch.

    Helping your client stand out from the crowd