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    Exhibition coffee stands bean and gone

    Exhibition coffee stands bean and gone

    Mobile coffee for exhibitions

    Every new event we serve coffee at is an exciting challenge for the whole team at The Barista, and we love getting to know new clients and their customers.

    It’s exciting to see the scale of what we can achieve growing each time, increasing the number of coffee stands and baristas to serve more thirsty prospects.

    Starting out, most of our events were more intimate affairs, including smaller UK based conferences, office events, launches and even a few house parties!

    mobile coffee

    These events are great as the coffee stand acts as a natural centrepiece to the room, creating a notable buzz and lighting up even the smallest event. The also give us the opportunity to spend more time chatting to your prospects as we serve them coffee.

    As we take on larger events, it’s exciting to see just how much we can accomplish. Working with long-standing clients such as MEDA has enabled us to take our coffee stands to exhibitions in places like Stockholm, Vienna and Barcelona.

    We run multiple coffee stands simultaneously at these events, with hundreds of prospects stopping by to try our signature blend. This creates a real presence – especially at some of the largest events where the competition is stiff.

    Our biggest event to date was earlier this year at BIBA 2016 where we had 10 baristas serving across the 2 days. For an idea of just how much coffee that is take a look at our infographic tallying up the totals.

    mobile coffee

    Whatever the size of your event or exhibition, we cater to your specific requirement – that’s the beauty of serving fresh mobile coffee to order!

    Got an event coming up? We love working with new companies on successful conferences, exhibitions and trade shows. Get in touch for a quote or to find out more about what we do.

    Exhibition coffee stands bean and gone