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    Who We Are: Sam Fletcher


    Name: Sam Fletchersam-fletcher-barista-headshot

    A.K.A/ Nickname: Fletch

    Role: Co-founder & Director

    Favourite drink on the menu: Espresso

    Favourite city you’ve worked in with The Barista: Amsterdam

    Interesting fact about you: I have attended two summer schools in both Beijing and Taiwan studying Chinese Mandarin but can barely remember a single word. It was great fun though.


    I have always worked in the hospitality and events industry and not only learnt a lot but developed a robust work ethic that is essential in the industry. I studied Business at Newcastle Business School as well as taking every opportunity to travel the world. I spent my university placement year in Sydney where I ran a busy café bar and managed events all over Sydney and my final year of uni was spent finishing off my degree whilst trying to start The Barista.

    From a young age I was certain that I wanted to start and run my own business. I developed a strong interest in speciality coffee whilst working in Australia and realised the opportunity to bring this to the UK events market. I believed that our drive for top quality service and product was lacking in the exhibition and corporate events market and could really make a positive impact whilst doing something I truly love.

    We have a fantastic team and a positive culture of always providing the best possible service whilst constantly developing and improving what we do and how we do it. Working together as a team and an organised company we achieve results which brings us a lot of happy clients and a great deal of satisfaction and pride.