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    Who We Are: Philip Broadbent


    Name: Philip Broadbentphilip-broadbent-barista-head-shot

    A.K.A/ Nickname: Hamish Blake (He looks like the Australian Radio & TV personality, kind of.)

    Role: Operations Manager

    Favourite drink on the menu: Latte

    Favourite city you’ve worked in with The Barista: Amsterdam

    Interesting fact about you: I recently completed a triathlon and now considering doing an Iron Man.


    I was managing a café (where Sam was working as a barista) before taking the opportunity to go on a once in a life time trip around world. My last leg was spent working as a barista in Melbourne before I came back to the UK to join the The Barista.

    I knew, and importantly had already worked, with Sam and saw the building of an exciting and promising business that I really wanted to be involved in and help build. The idea of working in the events industry with the opportunity to travel and a focus on speciality coffee was absolutely perfect for me.

    The people here are great and the work is varied – I can end up working in any city in Europe at any time and no matter where you end up the team spirit is always present, even when travelling solo. In terms of work, the high focus on customer service and making sure that every single this is done the right way and not cutting any corners makes it such a satisfying and rewarding place to work.