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    Who We Are: Jamie Inglis


    Name: Jamie Inglismichael-bell-barista-head-shot

    A.K.A/ Nickname: The Shilbottle Bass (he is from Shilbottle and drinks a lot of water!)

    Role: Sales Executive

    Favourite drink on the menu: Flat White

    Favourite city you’ve worked in with The Barista: N/A – Office based

    Interesting fact about you: As such a big music fanatic I have over 28,000 songs in my (growing) music library.

    I studied law but decided that it wasn’t for me so I perused a career in sales which became something I really enjoyed. My role within sales at The Barista enables me to be closely involved with the service delivery and see my colleagues delivering the top quality service that I promise to our clients.

    The Barista is a dynamic company and has lots of different assets that I get to be involved in so every day is varied, exciting and challenging. I wanted to work with a company that I could see myself having a long career with and with The Barista I have found something more than just another sales job, I have found a company and a service that I can be passionate about.

    The culture was also a massive draw for me as it is a friendly company with a tight-knit team who work closely together to make sure that everything is done to the highest possible standard.