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Who We Are: Charity Walsh

Name: Charity Walsh

A.K.A/ Nickname: Chazza / Trotters

Role: Event Barista

Favourite drink on the menu: Flat White/ cheeky Earl Grey

Interesting fact about you: I’m a Cornish maid so I used to work in Fowey where I worked in the oldest building dating back to 1430 – and I helped Lenny Henry carry a box of meat!


Since being at college I have always worked as a barista; starting in Cornwall before going into speciality coffee 2 years ago in the North East.

I joined The Barista because I wanted a new challenge in which every day wasn’t the same, something to take me out of my comfort zone, travel and meet different people each week.

I like working here as it gives me something to look forward to, I enjoy coming to work as no event is the same. We’re like a family of coffee beans who just love to travel!