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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Booking and organising your event

    Ideally, we set up the day before the first day of service. This gives us the time to arrange everything, test the power supply and equipment and make sure we’re all ready to go as soon as the doors open.

    Yes, we can. We can work to your own custom build or we are happy to provide one of our own bar units that we have custom built specifically for our service.

    Our bars are available in either white or black and we work with you to apply any branding you require. Please see our technical guide for more information on dimensions etc.

    Yes, we work across Europe. If you need us further afield, get in touch for a chat.

    There are plenty of options! We’re a blank canvas that you can customise in line with your event requirements. From branding cups, aprons and bar units, to stencilling chocolate logos on to our cappuccinos, we make sure that our entire offering blends in seamlessly with your brand.

    Your artwork needs to have been approved three weeks before the event set-up date to allow for production and delivery to take place. We’ll create a design proof for your feedback and your approval prior to production.

    The best formats for all artwork are either EPS, PDF or Vector files. This gives us the resolution we need to create your artwork and produce a high quality product.

    The first step is to contact us, either by phone 0845 257 5900, email or via our online contact form. From there, we’ll gather a few details about your event and one of our sales managers will come back to you with a quote.

    To secure your booking, you’ll need to let the sales manager know that you would like to proceed with a quote. They’ll then send an online booking confirmation form to you for you to sign. Once this has been done, we’ll raise a 25% booking pro forma invoice, which needs to be paid to secure the booking. Once both of these have been received, your order will be confirmed.

    Once the booking has been confirmed, our operations team will be in touch to organise the finer details, including the preparation and production of any branded or additional items. After that, we’ll be in touch during the weeks leading up to the event to confirm all of the relevant information.

    We’ll get in touch to find out where we can find you on the day, the power supply we’ll need, what time you want us to arrive etc. It goes without saying that if you have any questions, you can contact our team at any time to discuss your booking.

    Our service

    With a constant flow throughout the service, a single event barista can make approximately 400 to 500 drinks per 8-hour day. If you believe your event will require more drinks per day we can add a second barista, which will take our capacity up to between 800 and 1,000 drinks.

    If you need to meet high demand in short periods of time e.g. conference breaks, or you would simply like an extra pair of hands for efficiency and added service, then a second barista can prove beneficial for anything above 350 drinks per 8-hour day.

    No, not at all. Our standard menu also includes luxurious Belgian hot chocolate and a selection of speciality teas from Canton Tea Co. as well as our beloved Yorkshire Tea, of course.

    We also provide full smoothie and juice bars as an alternative or in addition to your coffee bar. Just ask us for further details.

    If you haven’t dressed them in your corporate attire, our event barista will be wearing a white shirt/blouse, black bib apron, black trousers and black smart shoes (male baristas will also wear a black tie). If you like the idea of providing a shirt for our event baristas, just let us know before the event. There’s also the option to change to something more casual, such as t-shirts or polo shirts.

    The coffee we use is our own blend, Northern Espresso, which changes as new coffee crops become available to us. All of our full-time event baristas have all been involved in the choice of beans and blending and roasting processes and how the espresso should be served. This gives your event barista the knowledge and passion to serve the most fantastic cup of coffee, every single time.

    Yes, we have a standard menu but, as with everything, we can tailor this to your requirements. You can add our Winter Warmers or our Summer Chiller options. We’ve even done hot chocolate bars in the past.

    Our standard cups are Vegware, which are made with plant-based PLA. Vegware disposables are made from renewable, lower carbon or recycled materials, and can be commercially composted with food waste where accepted. Our branded cups are also compostable.

    We provide artisan tray bakes, cookies and branded cupcakes. Take a look at our extras page to find out more about the range of treats on offer.

    Technical information

    Each coffee bar with a single espresso machine requires 1 x 3kw and 1 x 2kw socket. The 3kw socket should be solely dedicated to the espresso machine and the 2kw socket is for all the other necessary electrical equipment, such as the coffee grinder and water pump.

    No mains plumbing is required for our service. All of the plumbing we require is self-contained and managed by us. We provide all of the fresh water we need for the coffee service and also take care of any waste water too.

    Health and safety information

    We sure do. And we take a copy of these with us to every event. If you need to see these documents beforehand, please let us know and we can share a copy of them with you.