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    The Barista’s 2019 highlights – fuelling outstanding events

    The Barista’s 2019 highlights – fuelling outstanding events


    2019’s mobile coffee highlights from the team

    It’s the nature of serving mobile coffee that we’re busy when our clients are during the event seasons. The rest of the time, we’re kept busy improving the way we do things.

    This year, this has included refining our sustainability measures, reducing our carbon footprint both at our office and out on the road. There’s still more to be done and we’re working with organisations like ESSA to continue the progress we’ve made.

    We’ve also worked hard launching two new services. There’s the coffee printer, which we’re pretty excited about. We also launched SmartServe – a digital engagement tool designed and created by us – which has already picked up its first award.

    As a team, everyone’s had things to celebrate, both personal and professional. We caught up with the business and tallied up some of last year’s stats to share with you. Take a look and see some snapshots from last year and read about what our highlights were.

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    The Barista’s 2019 highlights – fuelling outstanding events